Oud - Strings of my soul

Album Mix/Medley

Spirit of freedom Instrumental 6.06
From Macedonia to Persia Instrumental 4.36
Oriental Elf Instrumental 3.36
Desert flower Instrumental 3.28
Cretan Music Fountain Instrumental 5.28
Taqasim Maqam Nikriz Taqasim 8.04
Paths of Pontos Instrumental 3.52
The Soul of Oud Instrumental 4.24
Thracian outburst Instrumental 4.12
In harmony with heart Instrumental 2.28
Oud prayer (taqasim maqam ussak) Taqasim 10.24

I composed arranged and prepared the mixing by myself. Sound mastering was done by Costas Gitsis (Metric Sound Studio). It took me almost 4-5 years to finish this record because I wanted to present something innovating and satisfactory so I had to experiment with different arrangements, techniques of instruments and sounds. Instruments being used are mainly Oud, as a soloistic instrument combined with traditional as well as modern instruments as percussion, ney, thracian bagpipe, pontic lyra, gretan lyra, kanun, penny whistle, gretan lute, thracian lute, davul, violins, bass, as well as a lot of rhythm guitars.

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Solo Oud

Nihawand Taqasim

Nihawand Taqasim 7:46
The soul of oud Instrumental 9:35
Bayati Taqasim 6:06
Spirit of freedom Instrumental 10:05
Hijaz kar kurd Taqasim 16:06
Ipiros Instrumental 5:13
Nikriz Taqasim 7:26

This is my first album featuring Oud, containing instrumental music, and is dedicated to all Oud lovers. In the CD you’ll find variations of several Taqasims (extemporize) and instrumental works for various Maqams

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