Born in 1915 (In an interview he says he was born in 1917) in Syria, El-Atrache's family was compelled to move frequently due to political unrest. Going to school in Egypt, Farid's musical interest grew as he listened to his mother sing and play the oud (lute) at home, and also trained with the school choir. As a teenager Farid was admitted to a music conservatory, and from there he became an apprentice of the renowned composer Riyad al-Sunbati. Later, Farid was hired as an oud player for the radio orchestra, and then as a singer. After starring in a successful movie in 1941, Farid became famous. He proceeded to work with film stars in numerous successful movies in almost all of which he had the romantic lead role of a sad singer. His classic songs include 'Ar-Rabi' (Spring) and 'Awell Hamsah' (First Whisper), and the timeless tunes 'Lahnil Khulud', 'Tutah', and 'Raqsitil Gamal'. His lighter songs like 'Nura Nura', 'Hallet Layali', and 'Gamil Gamal' remain very popular to this day. In 1974, Farid died in Beirut at an estimated age of 60, with one more film yet unfinished. He is known to Arab musicians as the best oud player and singer of his time. He also has a website: Farid-el-Atrache